Potency-enhancing products: permitted and prohibited

What are we talking about?Products to increase potency will not cure diseases, but they can support libido. Men need regular testosterone production - red meat, seafood, fish and nuts contribute beneficially to this.

What should you pay attention to?Despite the fact that nutrition is a key factor in maintaining potency, lifestyle in general is also important. Therefore, you should combine healthy foods with sports, rest and regular health check-ups.

Products to increase potency

Nutrition research shows that nearly 70% of human health depends on food. Excessive infatuation with alcohol, fatty and sweet foods disrupts the functioning of the internal organs and negatively affects the sexual condition of men. Many believe that the destructive effects of such a diet can be neutralized with drugs. However, there is another way, without side effects - a healthy diet, including foods that are useful for the whole organism, including for increasing potency.

potency enhancing products

Moderation in food is one of the factors that allow you to maintain good health. Excess weight puts excessive strain on the heart, circulatory and muscular systems. The body is completely immersed in the process of digesting food. He has no strength left to maintain potency. But you should keep in mind that being too thin will not solve your health problems. The lack of important trace elements can worsen the situation. First of all, the body will start saving the brain. The processes associated with reproduction fade into the background.

A vegetarian diet saturates the body with energy and lightness. But that doesn't mean your sexual health will be at its best. To produce sperm, you need food high in protein.

The information provided is not a guide for people with diseases of the male reproductive system. They should follow the recommendations of their attending physician. Self-indulgence is fraught with negative consequences for the entire body.

What foods can be useful for increasing potency and testosterone?

what foods are good for potency

Here is a standard set of food products that have a positive effect on reproductive function:

  • Seafood tops the list. These are squid, shrimp, mussels, seaweed. They contain zinc. The element participates in the production of the main male hormone - testosterone, and maintains vital energy. Seafood contains many useful substances - vitamins, proteins in an easily digestible form and various trace elements.
  • The second most important product is marine fish with a high fat content., which is mainly in the form of omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna, halibut, salmon and mackerel are high in magnesium. They contain selenium and protein in significant amounts. "Fish day" several times a week significantly increases sperm activity. And the probability of developing such a dangerous disease as Alzheimer's disease sharply decreases.
  • Eggs, both chicken and quail, is another potency enhancing product. They contain a lot of cholesterol - the main material for the production of the sex hormone - testosterone. Egg white is completely absorbed by the body. Recent research shows that men can eat eggs every day without harm to their health.
  • All kinds of nuts and seedssaturated with zinc, amino acids, trace elements, which are necessary to increase potency. Including 20 g of any of them in your daily diet for one month helps to achieve the desired balance of nutrients in the body. It should be remembered that eating nuts in large quantities can disrupt the digestion process.
  • meat. This is true both after 40 and after 60 years. To increase potency, beef, veal and other low-fat species such as turkey and rabbit are useful. It is good if it is meat from young animals. Preference should be given to products cooked in steam or baked in the oven. When buying pork, you should make sure that the producers do not use growth hormones. This rule also applies to chicken.
  • Vegetables and vegetables– products that are ideal for men of all ages. This can be cabbage, celery, carrots or other vegetables that do not contain too much starch. In addition to nutrients, vegetables contain a lot of fiber. It should be remembered that its excess causes such an unpleasant phenomenon as bloating. Ideally, vegetables are recommended as a side dish to grilled meat.

As a rule, men are interested in the question - what products can immediately increase potency? We are quick to disappoint those looking for such miracle products. They don't exist. It's not all bad, though. Seafood and various nuts can increase the sensitivity of nerve endings and increase blood circulation. Sour cream has a good effect on potency.

Harmful foods for potency

Soft drinks - beer, etc

All drinks that contain alcohol are harmful to health.

Nutritionists are of the opinion that beer is a purely female drink and is contraindicated for men. The raw material for it is hop cones. The phytoestrogens contained in them can cause the appearance of a "beer belly" and disrupt the process of fat metabolism. Beer promotes stagnation of bile and the development of a fatty liver. You should not drink it more than once a week. Men who are interestedfrom maintaining their health, they should give up the habit of consuming it every day.

what foods harm potency

Potato chips

This product has carcinogenic properties and is not suitable for potency enhancement. It can provoke the development not only of benign tumors, but also of oncology. Americans often call potato chips "cancer sticks". Men over the age of 40 are at risk. They are strictly not recommended to use this product.

Among the most common diseases that can be caused by chips are prostate cancer and polyps. Because of their availability, chips are sometimes consumed without restriction. This is a high-calorie product. Contains fat and salt. An excess of these components leads to cardiovascular diseases.


Andrologists advise men to exclude from their diet not only it, but also products made on its basis, for example, tofu, soy milk. They contain plant estrogens. They negatively affect the hormonal levels of men. As a result, patients who ignore these recommendations suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Systemic consumption of soy can provoke the development of gynecomastia. This is a disease accompanied by an increase in the mammary glands in men. At the same time, sperm rapidly lose motility. You don't have to worry about negative consequences if you include soy in your diet no more than once a week.

Almost all sausages contain soy in one quantity or another. You should avoid daily consumption of these products.


The product contains a lot of fat and salt. It is often used to cook scrambled eggs. Bacon is not included in the list of products to increase potency:

  • Smoked meats contribute to the development of cancer.
  • Pork fat is a high-calorie product that disrupts hormonal levels. An adult man should not consume more than 50 g of fat per day. This product is difficult to digest. This process uses up glucose, which is needed by the brain. Pork fat and alcohol impair liver function.
  • Salt. Excessive consumption leads to bloating. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease, fatty and salty foods such as bacon should be removed from your diet.

In order not to harm your health, nutritionists advise to consume smoked products no more than once a week. The optimal amount of product is no more than 100 g.


It is a herbaceous spicy plant with a high content of phytoestrogens, an analogue of female sex hormones. Men are not recommended to consume peppermint, as it significantly reduces testosterone levels in the body. As a result, those who drink tea with this herb lose their sexual desire.

Additional recommendations for increasing potency

Problems can be avoided if you stick to a healthy lifestyle and consume foods recommended to increase potency. It is necessary to visit an andrologist regularly. Self-medication leads to serious chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.

WHO data indicates that approximately 150 million men suffer from low potency. Among the reasons are poor nutrition, frequent stress and the modern rhythm of life, which keeps a person in constant tension.


  1. Giving up bad habits. The male population suffers greatly from excessive drinking and smoking. As a result, the level of potency decreases, and the quality of the sperm leaves much to be desired. Nicotine and alcohol are often the cause of infertility. Smoking negatively affects the state of the circulatory system. Atherosclerotic plaques block blood flow to the genitals.
  2. Get your nerves in order. Sometimes men are afraid of possible failures in bed. We should try to remove the worry about it. Consultation with a psychologist will help. Find an activity you enjoy so you can calm down and relax.
  3. Do sports. Congestion in the genital area can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Create a daily routine where you have to make time for exercise. To improve blood circulation, perform a set of Kegel exercises. However, moderation should be observed. In professional athletes, the reduction in potency levels is caused by overtraining.
  4. Control your weight. Excess body weight suppresses testosterone production. High-calorie foods are not suitable for increasing potency. They increase the level of hormones characteristic of the female body. As a result, obese men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  5. Have a regular sex life. A well-established intimate sphere is one way to avoid congestion in the pelvis. Having a permanent partner helps to avoid sexual problems and reduces the risk of developing prostatitis. Spontaneous relationships and excessive activity are harmful to men's health.
  6. Strengthen your immune system. Mild hardening is one way to strengthen the immune system. Walk outdoors more often. Avoid hypothermia. Training should not weaken the body.
  7. Check yourself regularly. A visit to a urologist should be done at least once a year. Inspection should not be delayed unless there are complaints. Regular visits to a specialist will help avoid the development of serious diseases.
nuts have a positive effect on potency

Summarize. We found out which products are useful for increasing potency and which can only worsen the situation. We looked at other factors that affect an erection. To make your sex life enjoyable, you should stick to a healthy diet and avoid excess salt, sugar and fat. This is the most effective way to maintain the potency at the right level.