Treatment of impotence in men with folk remedies

Potency is an indicator of a man's health and positive psychological state. As a rule, it does not disappear by itself: the weakening of libido and erection indicates hidden problems in the body or severe, prolonged stress. Male strength also weakens due to bad habits and excess weight - both of which negatively affect the production of androgens.

  • Far Eastern plants for male power: ginseng
  • Analogues of ginseng - stimulants of sexual desire
  • The impact of obesity on sexual health
  • Exercises to increase blood flow in the groin area

Treatment of potency with folk remedies: the most effective methods

Herbal preparations from the field of traditional medicine are safe, have no side effects and are affordable. They are easy to prepare yourself. Healers claim that the best folk remedy for male potency is tea from hop cones, they advise drinking an infusion of St. John's wort and parsnip.

All these herbs that increase potency in men are folk remedies that came to us from times when official medicine was not developed. Here are folk remedies for a quick and safe increase in potency:

  • Hop tea. Take 10 grams (a large spoonful) of dried hop cones, add a glass of water and bring to a boil. Keep in a water bath or low heat for 5 minutes. Take half a cup daily in the morning and evening for 2 months.
  • St. John's wort decoction. Buy a package of dried St. John's wort from the pharmacy, pour 2 tablespoons of the plant with 250 ml of boiling water and close the lid tightly. It is convenient to use a thermos to prepare the infusion. After an hour, strain the drink and drink it in several doses throughout the day. St. John's wort helps with circulation problems, which means it's good for erections.
  • parsnip seeds. This herb improves potency and strengthens the immune system, so it is useful to drink parsnip infusion from time to time, even if there are no special health problems. Method of preparation: 2 tablespoons of dried roots are poured into a thermos with a glass of boiling water. After two hours, the infusion is ready. Strain and take ⅓ cup 20 minutes before meals. Honey or fruit syrup to taste will give the drink a pleasant taste.

Improving potency in men with the help of folk remedies is also achieved with the help of food. A mixture of nuts and honey is an effective and tasty folk remedy for improving potency. Eat this delicacy after a meal as a dessert and see how your male power returns to you. It is worth remembering that the mixture of nuts and honey is high in calories, so do not overdo it, one tablespoon per sitting is enough.

honey with nuts to restore potency

Cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurt and cheeses also help the body restore sexual function. It's probably the food you're missing in your diet. Buy fermented milk with medium and high fat content, low-fat products are devoid of beneficial properties.

How can traditional medicine help with impotence?

Sexual impotence is explained by the influence of a wide variety of factors.

These may be chronic diseases of the endocrine system, such as diabetes or obesity.

Stressful situations, chronic fatigue, diseases of the nervous system and bad habits play a significant role in reducing male strength.

Of course, provoking diseases should be treated with specially selected drugs, and folk remedies will help to quickly restore the lost function.

Using grandmother's recipes in medicine allows you to:

  • Restores the body after prolonged stress, strengthens the nervous system;
  • Increasing the general resistance of the body;
  • Normalization of metabolic processes in the body;
  • Improve vitality.

In addition, specially selected recipes will help you deal with inflammation of the prostate gland, which also leads to erectile dysfunction.

The advantage of traditional medicine is also considered to be the least toxic effect on the body, which cannot be said about most pharmaceutical drugs.

Naturally, relying only on various potions, conspiracies and similar techniques is fundamentally wrong.

A person who experiences problems in his sex life should completely reconsider his lifestyle.


  • Get rid of bad habits. The chemicals of tobacco and alcohol are deposited on the walls of the blood vessels, blood circulation is disturbed, and this leads to an imbalance in various organs, including the genital area.
  • Reduce your weight. Obesity causes a decrease in testosterone levels and is a predisposing factor for prostate tumors.
  • Increase your physical activity. Sports will help normalize weight, improve blood circulation and all metabolic reactions in the body.
  • Eat right. The diet should include vegetables, seafood, nuts, lean meat and dairy products. Natural aphrodisiacs include celery, rose hips, pomegranate, citrus fruits, kiwis and figs.

Among the traditional medicines for the treatment of impotence, you can choose decoctions and infusions of herbs, products prepared on the basis of bee products and other most common ingredients.

Spices are a storehouse of benefits for men's health

Ginger, saffron and cloves are recognized fast-acting folk remedies for male potency. Dishes with these ingredients are traditionally served for a romantic dinner "with a sequel". The same applies to spices such as:

  • celery;
  • nutmeg;
  • cinnamon;
  • cardamom;
  • vanilla.

Spices are used as an additive to food or on their own. Try a stimulating drink made from ginger according to an ancient recipe that came from Asia.

Ginger aphrodisiac drinks

Grate fresh ginger root (2-3 cm) or chop using a food processor, add cinnamon and honey and pour a glass of boiling water over them. Folk remedies for increasing male potency with the help of this plant also include tincture of ginger in alcohol. To do this, a kilogram of grated root vegetable must be poured with a liter of high-quality vodka, and after two weeks the tincture is ready. Take 10 drops every night.

Another way to increase potency in a man using folk remedies is to eat ground ginger root mixed with honey. If you dissolve the mixture in water, you will get a tasty and healthy drink that protects against prostatitis, a common cause of impotence in men.

Ginger can also be pickled, candied and dried. In any form, it will help to quickly increase potency (folk remedies) in an elderly man, even in old age the plant effectively increases libido. The stimulating effect is achieved by increasing blood flow and stimulating testosterone production. It also accelerates metabolic processes. But ginger should not be eaten by people who have problems with the liver and gall bladder, because this product causes increased secretion of bile.

Far Eastern plants for male strength

The flora of countries with a subarctic climate is rich in medicinal plants. They are widely used in alternative medicine as folk remedies to increase potency in men.


Ginseng is a famous plant used as a stimulator of metabolic processes, the nervous system and, of course, as a "folk medicine for potency" with instant action. In ancient times, its root, whose configuration resembles the outline of a human figure, was sold for its weightin gold, and the ginseng deposits were kept secret. The gathering of the plant was accompanied by rituals and magical ceremonies.

Ginseng is part of nutritional supplements for men designed to improve body tone and increase sexual activity. Despite its high effectiveness, ginseng is low-toxic and suitable for almost everyone, but medicines with it are not taken in the evening, so that there are no problems with falling asleep.

Increasing potency in men with the help of folk remedies with ginseng is possible in the following ways:

  • Pouring with liquids containing alcohol (wine, vodka, alcohol). To prepare half a liter of tincture, you will need 1 root of the plant, fresh or dried. The concentration of the substance varies from 1 to 5%. The tincture is taken 2-3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
  • Dry ginseng root is crushed and taken with food at 0. 15-0. 25 grams in the morning, noon and evening. It is true that such a substance does not last long; Dust gets moldy quickly.
  • Fresh whole ginseng root is placed in 1 liter of honey and left for one month. Honey enriched with ginseng is a proven way to improve potency using folk remedies.

Note: if you intend to take ginseng per course (30-40 days), it is recommended to use half of the indicated dose for the first 10 days. For a repeat course, which is done after 2 weeks, start immediately with the full dose. When using ginseng as a single aphrodisiac, take the daily dose at one time.

Analogues of ginseng - stimulants of sexual desire

The Far Eastern plant Eleutherococcus is an analogue of ginseng, almost inferior in medicinal properties. Eleutherococcus drugs are prepared by analogy with ginseng. Aralia Manchuriana has the same properties - a strong stimulant that should be taken with caution due to its toxicity. Here is a recipe on how to restore male strength using folk remedies:

Take 70% alcohol and mix the dry roots of the plant in a ratio of 1: 5. After 2 weeks, squeeze and strain the resulting infusion and take 35 drops 2-3 times before lunch for a month. In case of arterial hypertension, the dose is reduced to 10 drops twice a day.

Increasing potency in men with folk remedies is also possible with the help of Schisandra chinensis. To do this, you need 10 grams of seeds and fill them with fifty grams of vodka, leave for 14 days and take 30 drops in the morning.

To increase potency in men, using folk remedies immediately before sex, prepare a doping drink. Mix a tablespoon of lemongrass fruit with hot water and let it soak for half a day, then strain and consume. This berry tea can be sweetened with sugar.

Here is another simple recipe for improving potency using folk remedies: dry the seeds of Chinese lemon grass, make a powder from them in a coffee grinder and add half a gram to food twice a day. You can mix the powder with water and if you eat two or three fresh or dried lemongrass fruits a few hours before intimacy, your erection will not fail.

The impact of obesity on sexual health

After observing a decline in sexual desire and deterioration of erection, many seek to improve the situation by using drugs or traditional methods to increase efficiency. But in order for folk remedies to increase potency in men to be useful, you must first put the body in order, for example, get rid of extra pounds. Now we will explain why to do this.

Three obesity factors affect male strength:

  • physical - a large belly, fat accumulations in the chest and thighs make the body bulky. Weight prevents the realization of sexual fantasies and sexual life acquires a monotonous, boring character;
  • psychological - changes in appearance for the worse cause self-doubt. Relationships with women become distant, as a man with low self-esteem does not expect reciprocity. The awareness of one's own unattractiveness is reflected in the potency and positive perception of the opposite sex in general;
  • physiological - the higher the body mass index, the more the female hormone estrogen is produced in the body, which inhibits male sexual function. But the synthesis of testosterone decreases in direct proportion to the growth of adipose tissue. The female hormone "defeats" the male one, so the reproductive system functions incorrectly, the desire decreases and the erection appears less and less often. Restoring potency with the help of folk remedies at home will not help here - you will have to carefully take care of yourself.

If obesity is not stopped, hormone levels continue to change and soon the appearance begins to resemble that of a woman. The mammary glands swell, the timbre of the voice changes to a higher one. Therefore, before looking for ways to increase potency using folk remedies, you should put your body in order by balancing your diet and increasing physical activity.

Another problem for plump men that has a detrimental effect on potency is poor circulation. The blood supply to the pelvic organs is not sufficient to produce a full erection.

Try exercises that "speed up" the blood in the pelvic area. By the way, traditional medicine for increasing potency in men is often aimed specifically at restoring healthy blood circulation.

Leafy vegetables

Regular consumption of celery, fennel and parsley improves blood flow to the genitourinary system and increases sexual desire. Leafy vegetables contain vitamins and minerals. The product relieves inflammation, acts as an aphrodisiac - increases desire.

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To improve the quality of your intimate life, eat raw vegetables.