What foods increase potency in men? Loveley food!

The main reason for a man's love and activity, which affects his behavior, are sex hormones. Every third man suffers from potency disorders. You can compensate for the loss of libido in many ways: hormone therapy, exercise and proper nutrition. Who? Find out from our list.

Let's look at the top 25 of the best products that will quickly and effectively increase your libido and be useful for potency.

seafood for potency

List of products that increase potency

Products for increasing potency contain high-quality protein in an easily digestible form, vitamins, macro and microelements. Classic set: seafood, fish, lean meat from animals and birds, vegetables and fruits. You can further enhance the effect with the help of spices.


Seafood is considered the most effective for increasing potency due tohigh content of zinc, high-quality protein, as well as phosphorus, vitamins of group B (with their deficiency, the conductivity of nerve fibers deteriorates), selenium. Zinc is a key element in maintaining male reproductive health (Best Zinc Foods for Men). It participates in the synthesis of testosterone, inhibits the process of its degradation and its conversion into female estrogens. The lack of zinc is manifested by a decrease in potency and vitality in general.

Seafood includes invertebrate organisms that live in the world's oceans:

  • Mussels: oysters, clams;
  • Crustaceans: crabs, shrimps;
  • Cephalopods: squid, octopus;
  • Seaweed.
clams for potency

Fish is a separate product category. The following varieties are particularly useful for increasing potency: salmon, mackerel, flounder, halibut, sardines, tuna.

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Quail eggs, along with oysters, are considered a classic dish for increasing potency, but ordinary chicken eggs are not far behind them. Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol contained in the yolk does not clog blood vessels, but is a building block for testosterone and cortisol molecules. With regular consumption of eggs, the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood decreases, which reduces the risk of developing vascular erectile dysfunction. The yolk also contains zinc, iron and the fat-soluble vitamins D, A, E, which are necessary for the functioning of the gonads.

In addition, to maintain normal potency, a man needs protein, and egg protein is almost 100% digestible. An adult can safely consume several eggs a day.

Igor Anatolyevich Izmakin, chief urologist at the Euromedica clinic, talks about which products are good for men's health

Nuts and seeds

Nuts are heavy food for the stomach, but good for potency. To avoid digestive problems, you can consume no more than a handful per day. Nuts contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium and amino acids. Their presence in the diet will improve the condition of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, stimulate the work of the gonads.

The following nuts are most useful for potency:

  • Brazilian;
  • almond;
  • Cashew;
  • Pistachio nuts;
  • Walnuts;
  • Cedar.

The best option to use to increase potency is in a mixture with honey or in the form of nut milk, which can be made at home. To prepare it, first you need to soak the nuts for 6-8 hours, then dilute them with water in a ratio of 1: 5 (100 g of nuts per 500 ml of water), grind in a blender, strain the resulting mass. Milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

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Of the seeds for potency, pumpkin seeds are the most useful - they are valuable for their high zinc content. However, in addition to this element, the composition contains many other nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system:

  1. Complete set of B vitamins.
  2. Vitamins A and C.
  3. A complete set of vitamin E tocopherols (the optimal option for absorption).
  4. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus.
  5. Fatty acid.

Industrial hemp, flax, chia, sprouted oats and wheat seeds are also beneficial for potency.

pumpkin seeds for male power

Meat products

Meat from animals and birds has little cholesterol, which is scary for everyone, and a lot of amino acids, necessary for building muscles and maintaining the balance of sex hormones. To increase the potency, you should choose low-fat varieties of young fish and cook them using gentle methods: in the oven, steamed or grilled. In this way, nutrients are better preserved and their subsequent absorption by the stomach is facilitated. Fried steaks, barbecue or fatty ribs are overweight, bad cholesterol and carcinogens.

The following types of meat are most useful for maintaining potency:

  • beef. It contains a lot of zinc, amino acids, vitamins B, A, E, PP. The meat is tough, so it is advisable to first prepare minced meat from it, and then steam cutlets, meatballs, meatballs and casseroles.
  • Rabbit meat. It surpasses chicken meat by 21% in protein content, 90% is absorbed by the body (beef is only 60%).
  • veal. The meat is taken from animals aged between 3 and 5 months. It is a valuable protein product with a high content of protein, iron and B vitamins.
  • Turkey meat. It is considered the safest of all industrial types of poultry meat.
  • Quail meat. It is a dietary product that is rich in retinol, vitamins of group B, PP, phosphorus and potassium.

Chicken and pork have been of questionable quality in recent years due to growth-promoting additives. Wild animal meat is also useful for increasing potency, but must be properly cooked before heat treatment.


The most valuable vegetables for improving male potency are:

  • Cauliflower;
  • Turnip, carrots, pumpkin;
  • Beetroot;
  • Stewed tomatoes (see also: benefits of tomatoes for men);
  • shallot;
  • Celery;
  • romaine lettuce, arugula, watercress;
  • Asparagus.

Please note that excessive consumption of raw vegetables will lead to bloating and intestinal discomfort. Food should be balanced: 2/3 fiber and 1/3 animal protein.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries are rich not only in vitamins, but also in acids that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and help activate blood circulation.To increase potency, it is recommended to give preference to watermelons, avocados, figs,bananas,cranberries, goji berries. Garden fruits that are good for boosting libido include raspberries, strawberries, and sea buckthorn (more foods that increase libido in men).

Potency will improve if you drink a cocktail based on nut milk with the addition of bananas, strawberries and other fruits 2-4 times a week.

fruits and berries for potency

Herbs and spices

The following spices help increase potency:

  1. Saffron.
  2. marjoram.
  3. Cardamom.
  4. cinnamon.
  5. cumin.

Turmeric (turmeric) is also useful for potency.

Bee products

Few men regularly consume bee products. However, they are the most accessible source of bioactive substances valuable for potency. The most common product of beekeeping is honey. It can be added to morning porridge, cocktails or mixed with nuts.

greens are good for men

Less popular is pitta (pollen in lumps). Men who want to improve potency are recommended to take a tablespoon a day on an empty stomach. This natural product contains almost the entire periodic table.

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Nut Smoothie for Male Power

Since ancient times, nuts have been considered a product for male reproductive health. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. This element promotes the production of testosterone, a male hormone that supports the functioning of the reproductive system. Walnuts nourish the thyroid gland with iodine and strengthen the immune system. Almonds strengthen muscle tissue and bones, and also fight prostate diseases. In short, assorted nuts are the manliest snack of all.

Fast acting potency products - are there any?

It will not be possible to instantly activate the potency by consuming this or that food product, but you can increase the blood flow and increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings. Fresh seafood, sour cream and nuts are suitable for this (healthy sour cream and nut recipes for men).

The most useful vegetables to quickly improve potency are ginger roots, horseradish, parsley and garlic. It is better to use them in the form of alcohol tinctures:

  • On garlic: pour 200 g of crushed garlic with 200 ml of alcohol (70%), leave for 10 days, filter. Take with milk: 5 drops of tincture per 50 ml of milk.
  • For ginger: 400 g of root per 1 liter of vodka. Leave for 2 weeks. You can add a few tablespoons of honey (a good preservative). To increase arousal, it is enough to drink 30-50 g
alcohol tincture of ginger
  • Horseradish: 100 g of grated horseradish root, 30 g of ginger root, 1 liter of high-quality moon onion, 2 tablespoons of honey. Insist the mixture for 3-4 days. To improve potency, you can drink about 50 g immediately before sex.
  • For parsley: 125 g of chopped root, pour 0. 5 l of vodka, leave for 3 weeks. The strained infusion is drunk 15 ml daily.

Tinctures of garlic, ginger and parsley are especially useful for men over 50. They improve potency by stimulating the gonads and activating blood flow.

It is desirable not only to eat fresh vegetables from parsley and celery, but also to freeze them for the winter (greenhouse products contain a lot of nitrates).

Foods to fight sexual impotence

If you study carefullywhat productsmost effectiveincreasing potency, then you can create a fairly varied and balanced menu from them. Egg and onion salad seasoned with sour cream is very useful. A few more simple and effective recipes to combat low sexual activity:

  • Stew with carrots, turnips, onions and lean meat is considered very useful for improving health and increasing sexual energy. The meat itself is a protein product and contains many useful minerals for the body, in particular arginine;
  • A salad of vegetables with the addition of nuts or seafood has powerful aphrodisiac properties. For vegetables, you can use green onions, parsley, arugula and basil;
  • A very tasty and healthy dessert for men would be a fruit salad of watermelon, orange and banana, seasoned with yogurt mixed with lemon or pomegranate juice.

The main rule when preparing a diet to increase potency is that together with food, a person receives the necessary trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, which are responsible for the level of sexual power and male efficiency.

Products that reduce potency

Foods that are harmful to potency are those whose consumption negatively affects the condition of blood vessels, blood composition, promotes weight gain and disrupts hormonal levels. They include:

  1. Trans fats. Almost all fast food and semi-finished products are produced on their basis: hamburger patties, chips, biscuits, snacks, sweets, dumplings. Frequent consumption of such foods will inevitably lead to an increase in the amount of heavy cholesterol, thickening of the blood, deterioration of erection and reduced libido. It is very difficult to get rid of the fat accumulated as a result of such a diet. WHO recommends reducing trans fat intake to 1% of daily calories.
  2. trans fats negatively affect potency
  3. Sweetie. People who love sweets do not know about health problems until they are faced with excess weight and the threat of developing diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels will lead to nerve damage and impotence. The fatty layer will actively convert testosterone into female estrogen.
  4. Smoked meats. Substances contained in liquids and vapors for smoking negatively affect the functioning of the testicles. Testosterone synthesis decreases with subsequent deterioration of potency.

Beer causes enormous damage to potency. Rare is the man who, due to its regular use, will not develop a heavy belly and enlarged mammary glands. Beer disrupts hormonal levels, has a bias towards estrogen, potency drops and the approach of andropause accelerates.

Another option for drinks that have an extremely negative effect on potency are sweet carbonated alcoholic cocktails, as well as cola, Pepsi and other popular lemonades.

What is the best way to restore an erection?

The use of drugs remains the most popular and fastest way to improve an erection. Despite its high efficiency, it is not always the safest. Each drug has contraindications and side effects, and the causes of erectile dysfunction can be different. The doctor can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.

What foods increase potency best? Since everyone is different, there can be no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people don't eat meat at all, and others are allergic to eggs. Just choose what works for you and practice moderation.

The quality and strength of the relationship between partners depends on the degree and duration of the erection. Despite the fact that there are many, both tested and sometimes dubious, ways to improve erection at home, the best solution would be to consult a doctor in order to subsequently receive qualified and timely help.

A diet to increase potency does not differ much from the usual system of proper nutrition.

Healthy clams

healthy mussels for men

According to the rumors that have reached us, Casanova was a big fan of oysters. Perhaps it was these molluscs that ignited his amorous fervor. Today there is evidence that oysters are a real male enhancement product. After all, they increase sexual desire and reproductive function, fight baldness, muscle laxity and other age-related changes. Do you want your men to be young in soul and body? Prepare them oysters.


Our favorite tomatoes are wonderful vegetables with a unique set of beneficial properties. Their daily consumption allows you to normalize the work of the digestive tract and more successfully absorb the proteins obtained from food. Tomatoes are useful for strengthening the walls of blood vessels. In addition, they are rich in the natural antioxidant lycopene, which activates the body's fight against cancer cells and neutralizes the negative effects of improper nutrition. Tomatoes are also notable for the fact that their lycopene content increases when cooked. Therefore, a man's diet should include not only fresh tomatoes, but also tomato puree.

tomatoes for men's health


This root vegetable is high in beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, which is essential for strengthening the immune system and maintaining eye health. Other substances rich in carrots help to optimize heart rate and normalize blood pressure.

If the man is not particularly enthusiastic about the suggestion to just eat a carrot, you can prepare a salad of fresh root vegetables seasoned with sour cream or vegetable oil: in the presence of fat, beta-carotene is better absorbed.

carrots for potency

Pumpkin seeds

Does your man like to sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips or crackers? Invite him to replace these foods with pumpkin seeds. Not only do they not contain harmful components (salt, flavor enhancers, flavorings, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. ), but they also contain substances that reduce the risk of prostate adenoma development.

pumpkin seeds for potency


Ginger has been known in Asia for centuries for its health benefitsanti-aging properties. It aids digestion, improves blood circulation, increases libido, protects against colds and is even used as an aid in the treatment of cancer. Ginger root can be brewed with boiling water and drunk hot or cold, sweetened with honey or brownsugar.

ginger for male strength

Cottage cheese and milk

Not only women dream of having a beautiful figure. Many representatives of the stronger sex are also taking certain steps in this direction. The problem is that men often want to achieve results as quickly as possible and exhaust themselves with training in the gym. In order for such carelessness not to have a fatal effect on health, the menu should include dairy products, which are an excellent source of protein. Cottage cheese is particularly helpful in this regard, especially since some adults do not digest whole milk well. In addition, cottage cheese contains a lot of calcium, which is necessary to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system.

dairy products for potency


Men love meat dishes for a very clear reason: it is a source of protein, necessary to maintain strength, especially during hard work. In addition, meat foods are often seasoned with aromatic spices, many of which increase libido.

meat for men's health

For the health of the stronger sex, the protein that enters the body with meat is simply necessary. However, it does not hurt the housewife to remember that protein foods are better digested in the presence of vegetables and herbs (preferably fresh). In addition, natural meat (beef, pork, lamb, poultry) is very healthy, but various sausages, smoked meats, canned food and fast food are unlikely to bring anything but harm. Such products can be present in the diet in limited quantities.

Forest fruits

sweet berries for men

Most fruits (especially those that are bright red, blue or purple) are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids. These substances activate the brain, improve memory and promote concentration. That is why it is very important to include cherries, currants, honeysuckle and blackberries in a man's diet. Blueberries contain components that preserve visual acuity, and blueberries and lingonberries normalize the work of the excretory system, which is important for men who are at risk of developing prostatitis due to their age. Remember that almost all berries contain a large amount of vitamins that help maintain the immune status and reduce the likelihood of contracting seasonal infections.